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Competitive Events/Activities


Business Simulations

Case Studies

Prepared Business Presentation

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing

Business to Business Marketing

(Team of 2)

Advertising Campaign
(1-3 Participants)

Corporate Finance

Business Law

(Team of 2)


Professional Sales

Travel and Tourism

Human Resource Management

(1-3 Participants)

Hotel and Lodging

International Marketing

(Team of 2)

Business Law

(Team of 2)

Retail Management

Marketing Management

Financial Analysis Event


Restaurant and Food Service Management

Sales Management Meeting

Web Site Design


Business Ethics (Team of 2)



Sports and Entertainment Marketing

(Team of 2)



Business Simulations: one role-play and a comprehensive exam

Case Studies: one presentation activity

Prepared Presentations: presentation of pre-prepared items




Special Activities:

State Officer Candidates
Outstanding Local Chapter Member
Chapter of the Year  Competition
Voting Delegates
Culinary Arts Team