Required Classes for Theatre Majors
Required Classes for Theatre Majors
Courses Offered

Theatre Appreciation (Non-Majors) / SPT 2233 

This survey course covers theatre as a performance art. Through textbook examples, class participation and hands-on experience, students will develop a true respect for theatre and its function - to entertain and engage its audience. Counted as a 3 hour fine arts elective, this course is a comprehensive view of theatre’s place in historical and contemporary society.
Fundamentals of Theatre / SPT 1213
This history course serves as an introduction to the cultural, historical, and social aspects of the theatre.  Research and exploration includes dramatic theory, historical relevance and patronage, and Production concepts from ancient Greece to today’s Contemporary theatre.
Theatre Production I – IV / SPT 1241, 51, 61, & 71
A course designed to build the student’s working knowledge of the theater’s onstage, backstage, and administrative duties for play production. Activities involve hands-on cast and crew assignments for the Theatre Department’s yearly   productions.
Introduction to Dramatic Arts 
(Stagecraft) / SPT 2223 

A course designed to provide students with 
an in-depth learning experience in creating 
scenery, props, lighting, and sound for a 
theatre performance.  Students work in 
cooperative teams to both devise and execute
 designs for the Theatre department’s yearly 
productions. Theatrical Make-up / SPT 1273 

A course designed to provide students with an in-depth learning experience in the proper application of stage make-up.  Applied techniques in the art of make-up will address aesthetic values of color, contour, style, period, and contemporary designs in stage make-up.
Movement for the Actor / SPT 1222 

This course is a study in the art of building characterization through movement and actor presence.  Emphasis combines the actor’s physicality with class exercises, imagination, and creativity to portray characters believably. Voice and Diction / SPT 1153

An in depth study of the vocal components and their
functions.  Emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of the voice using the entire body as a means to enhance vocal dynamics. The student will participate in class exercises that facilitate vocal production for basic oral communication – as well as character portrayal for the stage, film. radio, and television. Acting I / SPT 1233
An introduction to the art of acting that emphasizes both the technical and motivational. This course applies the expressive use of mind, body, and voice to portray a character. The class work includes a wide range of performance exercises and scene study pertinent to the actor’s overall effectiveness.
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