Scholarships may be awarded to actors, crew, and stagecraft applicants.  Theatre majors will be given full scholarships; non-majors will be awarded half scholarships.  No prerequisites are required to apply.  We have scholarship opportunities for light and sound designers, painters, publicists, prop masters, costumers, make-up artists, actors, carpenters or anyone interested in theatre.
Scholarship applications can be obtained by e-mailing Christopher Schager at and requesting an application and providing your mailing address.  Scholarship applications may be sent as an attachment through e-mail. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and maintain 12 semester hours.
Applicants are encouraged to visit Mr. Schager.  To set up a tour of the campus, call Mrs. Georgie Carroll at (662) 720-7591.
NEMCC offers a large number of scholarships including Institutional Scholarships which are based on ACT performance, academic achievement, career incentive, activity/leadership, participation and competition. Students may also apply and be considered for a limited number of scholarships available through the Northeast Development Foundation/Alumni Association which are included in Agency Scholarships. It is the responsibility of students to carefully review the various scholarships and submit an Application for Scholarships. Information and assistance is available by contacting the Coordinator of Scholarships at (662) 720-7273. 

Interested students are encouraged to carefully review the numerous scholarships and criteria. An application for scholarships is required to be considered for one of these scholarships. Applications should be submitted to the Coordinator of Scholarships by April 1st for priority consideration. Applications received after April 1st will be considered based on date received and availability of funds. For more information, review page 50 of the Course Catalogue.  

*If you are receiving an academic scholarship you MUST maintain 15 semester hours each semester 


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